Half Marathon training run

18 °F at the start of the run/walk at Three Creeks Metro Park, a park I usually choose when I want a lot of flat and paved trails to use.  It connects to Pickerington Ponds park to the east and to the town of Bexley to the north, so it’s possible to cover a lot of ground.

I had not done a long run in weather this cold, but I tested out the layers I was going to use the day before so I thought it would work out fine and it did. I was never cold at all after the first mile, even with the west wind whipping up a few times.

I stuck to a 3 minute run, 1 minute walk regimen for the entire way. I thought I’d be able to do about a 2:30, but the pace was pretty good right from the start and I ended up at 2:11:48 for the half marathon. So I’m in a bit better shape than I thought. Definitely ready for the Cowtown half marathon exactly two weeks from today.

As usual, I’ve posted the GPS track at Garmin Connect.