Marathon training on the Tolt River Pipeline trail

Christine Scullywest and I ran this great trail yesterday. Lots of flat parts with some amazing hills. Here’s the elevation profile:

Tolt Pipeline elevation profile


Christine has run this trail a number of times but it was my first time. It’s a good thing we like hills. We first ran east on a less hilly section, then turned around and ran back past our starting point, all the way to the Sammamish River Valley. We ran a mile or so on the Sammamish River trail so we would have about 15 miles by the time we finished. Since we got a late start, we finished after dusk; the headlamps were handy. It’s a wide, well-surfaced trail. There were bikers, runners, walkers and a few horses along the trail. Some beautiful homes, too. The steepest hill was about mile 11; we slowly and carefully ran a decent part of it.  Here’s a map of our route and a link to the data page at Garmin Connect:

Tolt Pipeline trail


This was a good milestone for this year’s marathon training. Christine will be running the Seattle Marathon for her first marathon on December 1st. I will be running that one with her and also the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton on October 13th.